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Solution: eNewsletter

We make eNewsletters work harder. And we make your life easier.

At The NewsFlash, we're committed, dedicated, serious-alright, we're passionate-about one thing: helping companies build effective eNewsletter programs. First, we help create long-term customer relationships by giving you an amazingly quick, simple way to produce and publish highly customized eNewsletters. Then we help you maximize the value of those relationships with a companion microsite, a comprehensive suite of Web-based subscription management tools, and powerful back-end analytics.

Don't be a stranger.
Email newsletters are an extraordinarily powerful marketing and communications tool. They're the most cost-effective way to get timely information to customers, prospects, partners and employees. They keep you in regular touch with the people who are most important to your business. They shorten your selling cycle, promote dialog, and help you get to know your customers better. Today's "smart" eNewsletters even customize their own content based on reader preferences!

That's the upside. The downside-as if you didn't already know it-is that newsletters, "e-" or otherwise, can be an excruciating hassle. Which, of course, is where we come in.

We provide the missing pieces

The NewsFlash’s publishing environment has been expertly designed to enable your company to produce a professional eNewsletter right from the start. Many of our clients prefer to publish "on their own"…and that’s great…but for those who desire assistance, we’re here to help -- whether it be for graphic and Design  or writing services! The NewsFlash provides a range of services to publisher’s that desire assistance in producing an eNewsletter. You want that professional look and writing level that only a professional can provide. Unfortunately, the talented resources that you need are just not available all the time. The NewsFlash provides additional services for just this case, whether it is writing, editing, template layout, or eDesign and illustration. If you desire, we’ll even provide your company with a complete turnkey eNewsletter produced and distributed on a pre-established publishing schedule!

Cost for additional services will vary based on the type and level of service that you choose. Call us for details at 866.824.9543or send an email to

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