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Welcome to The NewsFlash Corporation™ web site— the place for marketers who truly want to get ahead and stay ahead. We’ve created a business messaging solution whose aim it is to keep you in the vanguard of email marketing. Business messaging is the email of the future…the next logical step beyond personal communications. It extends web sites as a major source of customer interest and behavioral information by leveraging eNewsletters, ePostcards, and HTML email. In addition, it employs embedded analysis tools to diagnose and develop a critical feedback-loop , so you can to fine tune marketing campaigns and programs.

And, since "Opt-in" is the only way to go these days…you will be fulfilling your customers’ requests for ongoing and unique information. This means finding new ways to communicate in order to understand and better serve their needs. You can do this right now by creating both professional eNewsletters and ePostcards using eSomething™, the business messaging solution available through The NewsFlash Corporation™ . Simply click on our "Try it FREE” offering and you’ll be well on your way to -- staying ahead of the curve.

Our product suite includes:

eNewsletter - begin here with direct emarketing communications.

eCampaigner - enhance your marketing with timely, one-off promotions, invites, alerts, etc.

eChannel - deliver branded enewsletters and emarketing programs to your channel.

If you'd like to start publishing on your own immediately, click the "Try Publishing FREE" button and receive a 15 Day FREE Trial.

We offer you a FREE 15 day trial use of the product, with no obligation up front. No credit cards or default continuation of service if we do not hear from you. Create an eNewsletter and send it – absolutely and unconditionally risk-free.


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