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S O L U T I O N:   e - F R A N C H I S E

Franchise and Brand Management through Email Marketing

eFranchise™ is an ASP-based email marketing solution that lets franchisers stay in control of their global brand messaging - while empowering franchise holders to quickly, easily and cost effectively get the word out to their customers about their local products and services.

Three Levels of eFranchise Service

Corporate Brand™
Our Corporate Brand service lets franchisers send email to a master customer list, yet have it appear as if the message has been delivered by the local franchise. Using pre-defined branded templates that incorporate personalized, local content, Corporate Brand gives franchisers complete brand image control, plus a high level of interaction with local franchisees.

The NewsFlash Co-Brand service gives franchisees an extra measure of control by enabling them to plug localized content such as in-store promotions and local events into a pre-defined template and content model defined by Corporate. Franchisees are given all the tools they need to manage their individual customer lists, and they have the power to publish their own newsletter in a controlled environment, with style and content more than 50% predefined by the franchiser.

Local Brand™
Our Local Brand service offers franchisees maximum control over the content of their email and eNewsletter campaigns, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the global brand through use of a pre-defined template. With Local Brand, the franchiser provides access to the service, plus a "branded" template and library of content. Franchisees can choose which content to place in the newsletter: content from the library or content they provide on their own, including localized events and promotions.


If you are running a franchise business, it is likely you are facing a number of communications challenges:

  • How do you promote a consistent, clear and secure brand message in today's global economy?
  • How do you enable local franchises to deliver localized communications to customers and prospects?
  • How do you track campaign success, and compare results from region to region?
  • How do you respond quickly to inquires and leads regarding franchise development?

The NewsFlash offers a unique, easy to implement service that answers all of these questions. It not only lets you promote and manage your brand, but also gives you an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with your franchisees and support them with localized marketing services. Even better, you can do it without the heavy cash expenditures required to advertise in major publications or to create costly direct mail programs.

eFranchise also helps Franchisers differentiate their businesses and enhance franchise development by providing a fast, efficient way to track and respond to inquires and leads.

eFranchise Makes It Easy To…

  • Promote your brand message while delivering localized content with customized and personalized email communications.

  • Format content globally and personalize it locally with sophisticated content formatting and integrated content management tools. Achieve maximum impact with personalized full-color HTML emails complete with audio, graphics, images, links and a companion micro-site.

  • Host a globally branded but localized companion micro-site, extending the life of a campaign and brand by providing a deeper involvement with your products and services but with a more personal touch. Send messages globally, but have each appear to originate from the local Channel Member.

  • Capture Click Through Rates and collect data about those who respond to learn more about buyer and affiliate behavior

  • Analyze and download results of marketing campaigns in real-time, reporting at both the local and the global level.

  • Survey buyer habits and franchise preferences.

  • Interact with the customer, enabling quick response rates to inquires and emails. Fast response ensures long-term, lasting customer relationships.

  • Manage your database by uploading local customer lists to our secure system where we handle high speed delivery, bounce management, list management, and opt-in/opt-out tools.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Whatever your business has to communicate, The NewsFlash can help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time—quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. Here’s how:

Complete Web-based service. All the tools you need to manage the full cycle of creating and distributing email campaigns—formatting, content management, distribution, interactivity, and feedback—are accessible on through any standard Web browser. No software to buy, install or maintain. No IT support needed.

Dynamic companion microsite.  The NewsFlash creates a companion microsite for each email. The site content and navigation grow dynamically with each campaign, amplifying response by pulling in additional prospects and customers.

Syndicated or original content. With The NewsFlash, it’s a snap to plug in your own articles. Or you can select “ready-to-use” content from our 100,000-article library (and growing daily!) of leading publishers such as Inc, NewsEdge , Entrepreneur Magazine and Cahners Business Information to name a few. We can even arrange for custom-created content to match your promotions and editorial calendar.

Personalized, “one-on-one” eMarketing. You can improve response by dynamically delivering personalized content based on both personal and local channel partner profiles. That means you can evolve and segment content and promotional offers based on which articles and programs are most popular, and exactly who is reading what.

Profiles can be built from custom subscription forms, click-through behavior and responses to email surveys. The profiles can also be used to form new subscriber lists and provide detailed analysis of a newsletter’s audience and its preferences.

Other cool tools. The The NewsFlash service also includes viral marketing (“Refer a Colleague”) and subscription tools that can build lists for you, distribution tools to protect the rights and privacy of your subscribers and useful survey tools for reader feedback. All is available through a simple Web interface.

Solid support. The NewsFlash is 100% committed to delivering super-responsive customer service, available via email and phone. We’re always happy to help with any questions you may have, and do our best to make it easy for you to get in touch with us.


Look like a million. Or a billion, for that matter.

No matter how small, or how big, your channel is today, your company will be judged by the quality of its communications.

“Who is The NewsFlash, and why should I let you into my In box?”

The NewsFlash is the industry leader in the creation, distribution and management of branded eNewsletters and email marketing solutions that are cost-effective and deliver high ROI. In fact, we were a pioneer of the medium, “way back” in 1998. We’re a financially healthy company, with solid management and a sky-high vision for the future.

We’ve embraced the principals of successful eMarketing—opt-in, customer-focused, personalized, retention-oriented, private and trustworthy—and taken them several steps further. As a result, our innovative programs have attracted forward-thinking clients from all over the world—including Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Panasonic and Citibank and emerging firms in a variety of industries.

The The NewsFlash management team has deep expertise in messaging technology, content management, database management, email distribution, Web-based applications, on-line publishing and email marketing. We measure our success by how well our clients are able to use our service to create competitive advantage, and to drive increased revenues and higher marketing ROI. To that end, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our products and our services.

We’ve got the back end covered, too.

The NewsFlash has partnered with the leaders in high-bandwidth delivery technology to provide a scalable, reliable and secure service for eNewsletter programs of any size and volume. Our redundant backbone and data center is in a state-of-the-art, highly secure facility that guarantees a 99.999 percent service level.

The heart of the The NewsFlash subscription system is a proprietary, scalable email generation and distribution engine that dynamically assembles each email as a unique message. Currently capable of delivering a billion or more emails each month, this system architecture is easily expandable to accommodate the needs of our customers. We’re ready when you are.

Is The NewsFlash really as good as it sounds? Try it for free, and decide.

First, go to Then sign up for the free 15-day demo, and email 100 newsletters on us. You’ll be convinced. Of course, we’re also happy to discuss your specific business needs. Give us a call at (866) 824-9543

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