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An eNewsletter and a Web page, too!
The NewsFlash gives you a unique, two-method approach to eMarketing that no other email marketing company provides. With every eNewsletter or email campaign, we automatically create (and host) a companion Web site.

This not only gives your responders a convenient place to go for more information. It puts all of your tracking data in one place-from click-through to purchase. No need to go to IT or your Webmaster for a separate landing page, and no need to try to mix and match tracking data from multiple sources.

Having a web-site with each campaign lets clients see and interact with your message through two mediums, email and the Web. Clients return for more news at their convenience, and you get more information about them each time they visit. In fact, an eNewsletter campaign typically receives 15%-30% more usable response information than the standard email blast.

 Launch|  Measure |  Optimize |  Commerce    Feature and Pricing Side-by-Side Comparison

Versions of our Service Plans are just right for your level of need:

Launch -
A great way to LAUNCH your eNewsletter! With Launch you are in business! The Launch Package gives you everything you need to publish a professional quality eNewsletter-and companion micro-site- quickly and cost-effectively. In fact, getting up and running is a whole lot easier than you may think.
Include are all the basic facilities needed to generate your eNewsletter, build and manage your subscriber database, as well as provide reports and charts to analyze reader response.

Included is access to our content library of over 150,000 articles and picture Hosting via the Akaimai network. It also includes an online HTML editor for integrating internet components within the eNewsletter, or for writing custom eNewsletter features.

Detailed activity reports and robust subscriber facilities round out this outstanding starter package.

A great way to add to your eCommunications! As the NewsFlash eCommunications becomes the foundation of your email marketing program, the Measure Package opens up a whole world of  style to your eCommunications's look and feel, and in your delivery options. Includes all the basic capabilities included in Launch, plus features to track readership activities and increase functionality.

Key features include the ability to download whole or parts of subscriber lists for analysis and reporting. A survey system enables you to poll readers about topics of interest with instantaneous feedback. Pursue individual or group feedback over time by examining readership interests of archived eCommunications.

In addition, more sophisticated style and content options are available such as multimedia articles and adding attachments to eCommunications.

A great way to PERSONALIZE your eCommunications! Your eNewsletter can also be a powerful research vehicle. The Optimize Package gives you everything you need to publish a professional quality eCommunications-and companion micro-site-and highlights interactive feedback capabilities such as Reader Surveys.

Included are all capabilities included in Optimize, and new features to customize your eCommunications to your reader's demographics and historical behavior patterns. This includes personalized information within eCommunicationss, ePostcards and eMails.

For continuity, you may create and save subscriber selection criteria. This can then be used at a later date to manipulate subscriber records and to send new mailings.

A great way to INTEGRATE multiple eCommunications within your organization. Tap into the full power of closed-loop email marketing! With the Commerce package, your eNewsletter can become the platform for a total, integrated email marketing effort that not only leverages your brand, but also the rich demographic and psychographic information in your subscriber database, making it the ultimate in flexibility and customization. There are many important features that enable you to share and synchronize eCommunications content and operations across your organization.

Dynamic content enables you to Use display rules to show different content to different recipients depending upon the subscriber profile. This enables "mass customization" for building strong relationships through meaningful Communications.

The version also enables multiple eCommunications to share articles, enable secured log-ins, enable SOAP interfaces to the database, and tracking of readership by individuals across eCommunications.

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