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Solution: eCampaigner

Beyond the eNewsletter: Powerful, more effective email marketing

eMarketing campaigns are a powerful tool - they build business, save money and deliver promotions quickly and effectively. The The NewsFlash eCampaigner solution provides your company with a complete, customizable platform for creating, distributing and analyzing the effectiveness of entire eMarketing programs.

The NewsFlash takes e-communications to the next level by combining full-color, trackable, HTML email campaigns with the power of a companion micro-site (i.e., landing page) that is automatically published on the Web with each new promotion. This unique feature allows your company to pull in more prospects, to convert them faster and to increase revenue from existing, prospects, customers and distribution channels - all without the need for internal IT support.

An email marketing service and a Web page too!
The NewsFlash gives you a unique, two-method approach to eMarketing that no other email marketing company provides. With every eNewsletter or email campaign, we automatically create (and host) a companion Web site.

This built-in "landing page" not only gives your responders a convenient place to go for more information. It puts all of your tracking data in one place-from click-through to purchase. No need to go to IT or your Webmaster for a separate landing page, and no need to try to mix and match tracking data from multiple sources.

Having a web-site with each campaign lets clients see and interact with your message through two mediums, email and the Web. Clients return for more information at their convenience, and you get more information about them each time they visit. In fact, an The NewsFlash campaign typically receives 15%-30% more usable response information than the standard email blast.

All you need under one roof.
Whatever your business has to communicate, The NewsFlash can help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time—quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. Here’s how:

Complete Web-based eMarketing service. All the tools you need to manage the full cycle of creating and distributing eMarketing programs - formatting, content management, distribution, interactivity, feedback, and reporting - are accessible on through any standard Web browser. No software to buy, install or maintain. No IT support needed.

Dynamic companion "landing page". The NewsFlash creates a companion microsite (also known as a "landing page") for each email campaign. This special destination provides a place to expand your marketing message, provide further interactivity and multimedia presentations, and collect further feedback and response data.

Multiple Templates. Select from "ready-to-use" templates that are easily customizable. Once a template is designed, it can be saved and re-used for future campaigns. One account may have templates for invitations, promotions, event reminders, and more.

Detailed Tracking and Reporting. Compare effectiveness of each campaign through detailed analytics provided by The NewsFlash. Detailed analytics can be used to build more highly targeted promotional campaigns, offering higher returns.

Syndicated or original content. With The NewsFlash, it's a snap to plug in your own content. Or you can select "ready-to-use" content from our 100,000-article library (and growing daily!) of leading publishers such as Inc, NewsEdge and Cahners Business Information. We can even arrange for custom-created content to match your editorial calendar.


Personalized, "one-on-one" eMarketing. You can improve response by dynamically delivering personalized content based on user profiles. That means you can evolve and segment content and editorial based on which articles are most popular, and exactly who is reading what.

Profiles can be built from custom subscription forms, click-through behavior and responses to marketing surveys. The profiles can also be used to form new subscriber lists and obtain detailed analysis of customers and their preferences.

Other cool tools. The The NewsFlash service also includes viral marketing ("Refer a Colleague") and subscription tools that can build lists for you, distribution tools to protect the rights and privacy of your subscribers and useful survey tools for customer feedback. All available through a simple Web interface.

Solid support. The NewsFlash is 100% committed to delivering super-responsive customer service, available via email and phone. We're always happy to help with any questions you may have, and do our best to make it easy for you to get in touch with us.


Look like a million. Or a billion, for that matter.

No matter how small, or how big, your business is, your customers and prospects will judge you by the quality of your communications. That's why many of the largest corporations-including American Express, Panasonic, General Electric, Citibank, Scudder, Hewlett-Packard and others-count on The NewsFlash to put their best e-foot forward.

“Who is The NewsFlash, and why should I let you into my In box?”

The NewsFlash is the industry leader in the creation, distribution and management of branded eNewsletters and email marketing solutions that are cost-effective and deliver high ROI. In fact, we were a pioneer of the medium, "way back" in 1998. We’re a financially healthy company, with solid management and a sky-high vision for the future.

We’ve embraced the principals of successful eMarketing—opt-in, customer-focused, personalized, retention-oriented, private and trustworthy—and taken them several steps further. As a result, our innovative programs have attracted forward-thinking clients from all over the world—including Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Panasonic and Citibank and emerging firms in a variety of industries.

The The NewsFlash management team has deep expertise in messaging technology, content management, database management, email distribution, Web-based applications, on-line publishing and email marketing. We measure our success by how well our clients are able to use our service to create competitive advantage, and to drive increased revenues and higher marketing ROI. To that end, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our products and our services.

We’ve got the back end covered, too.

The NewsFlash has partnered with the leaders in high-bandwidth delivery technology to provide a scalable, reliable and secure service for eMarketing programs of any size and volume. Our redundant backbone and data center is in a state-of-the-art, highly secure facility that guarantees a 99.999 percent service level.

The heart of the The NewsFlash subscription system is a proprietary, scalable email generation and distribution engine that dynamically assembles each email as a unique message. Currently capable of delivering a billion or more emails each month, this system architecture is easily expandable to accommodate the needs of our customers. We’re ready when you are.

Is The NewsFlash really as good as it sounds? Try it for free, and decide.

First, go to Then sign up for the free 15-day demo, and send 100 emails on us. You’ll be convinced. Of course, we’re also happy to discuss your specific business needs. Give us a call at (866) 824-9543.

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