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The NewsFlash Corporation™ is a leading provider of multi-layered business messaging eCommunications solutions.

Using our solutions companies can:
  • Build and leverage the benefits of eNewsletters, ePostcards and eMail for business communications.
  • Employ sophisticated integrated analysis tools to develop highly targeted sales leads and improve business relationships.
  • Increase productivity and ROI
Our services enable your company to:
  • Create and publish custom opt-in eNewsletters in hours
  • Build a comprehensive subscriber database
  • Send relevant content and personalize it for distribution to diverse customer segments
  • Build your brand
  • Survey your subscribers in real-time
  • Better understand your customers through the use of sophisticated analytics
  • Send your message to thousands of subscribers anytime you wish
  • Build long-lasting, profitable relationships with your customers

There's a NewsFlash Service Plan for everyone

The NewsFlash Corporation's business messaging product suite enables businesses to develop and distribute quick and sophisticated eMessaging and eNewsletters to many constituencies. A key advantage of the product suite is its capability to let publishers see subscriber clickstreams and aggregate data in real-time. In this way, you will be better prepared to send messages that your customers will find relevant and interesting. In addition, unlike other communications channels, your opt-in subscribers will be able to "talk back" by participating in real-time surveys and emails through "billboards" associated with key eNewsletter articles.

It's all about relationships
Today, companies spend large amounts of time and money developing "drive to Web" strategies with the goal of generating higher levels of return visitors to their web sites in search of fresh information. With The NewsFlash's solutions suite, you can create powerful, professionally designed and affordable eCommunications messaging, (enewsletters, epostcards, emails), that will increase your web traffic, strengthen your brand and make return visitors and interested parties a regular part of your web site audience.

Diagnostics- so you're always in- the- know
In today's hyper-competitive environment, knowledge is power. With our product suite, you will learn to become an expert diagnostician of your subscriber's on-line reading behaviors and be able to pinpoint if not "predict" buying and activity patterns. This is important because this "information feedback-loop" will help you design, plan and launch effective campaigns for your company and maximize your ROI.

Learn your subscribers' behavior
The NewsFlash product suite incorporates powerful analysis tools (a link) that deliver data on subscriber/reader interactions. Both standard and custom reports can be accessed in real-time in a variety of formats, anytime you need them. Our reporting technology includes a friendly browser-based interface that is easy to learn and understand.

Click here to learn about our Analysis tools

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Leadership Team

Clyde J. Hakim, President and COO
Clyde Hakim brings over 25 years experience in technology marketing and advertising creative development to The NewsFlash Corporation. Previously he was Vice President of Marketing for Auspice Corporation, a software solutions provider for the cable communications and high-speed data industries. Earlier, Clyde served as Vice President of Marketing for Logica North America, an international systems integration and professional services company. In addition, Clyde has applied his marketing experience to several technology start-up companies including: Nu-Mega Technologies, Thinking Machines, Naviant Technology Solutions, and Nextera Enterprises -- several of which acquired by larger organizations. As an avid entrepreneur, Clyde also founded and managed a regional New England advertising and marketing company which counted several Fortune 1000 companies as clients. His industry expertise ranges from marketing for software development, professional services, and telecommunications companies to healthcare, consumer, financial and heavy manufacturing companies. Clyde has a BS degree in Communications and a BA degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University. Clyde Hakim can be reached at

Greg Enz, Vice President of Sales

Greg Enz brings over 30 years of experience in telecommunications and technology marketing and sales to The NewsFlash Corporation. As Vice President of Sales, Greg is responsible for the company's sales groups, overseeing client support and the management of post-sales relationships and service. Before joining The NewsFlash, Greg was responsible for Enterprise Sales and Business Development for several start-up ASPs selling leading edge telecommunications services. Previously, he was responsible for the sales of Newbridge Networks advanced networking products to incumbent telephone companies, such as NYNEX (now Verizon). Greg has also held numerous Marketing and Management positions in ATT, New England Telephone and NYNEX. He earned a B.S. in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Greg Enz can be reached at

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